Our history

Since 1967 our founder Tom Hiner actively practiced the development of innovative design, manufacture and repair technologies to support the compressor valve service industry.

The Company

As the development and acceptance of the high speed compressor accelerated, the need for precise valve design, plate material, application manufacturing and repair expanded.

Tom founded T.L. Hiner Co., Inc. in 1977. In 1990, along with his son Scott, he formed Triple H. Plastic, Inc., to mold and manufacture a better thermoplastic material for the compressor industry. 
This material is now an industry standard in valves, pistons, and rings. Triple H. Plastic uses three main thermoplastic materials for compressor valve insulation: nylon, high temperature nylon, and peek (polyetherketone). All these materials have a glass fiber reinforcement or other reinforcements as needed.
Scott Hiner has continued the legacy of his father by improving the technologies used in Triple H’s processes and providing top quality products to our customers.